Atonement by Ian McEwan

Atonement is a novel about guilt, lying and the dramatic consequences it can cause.

In 1935, the young Briony dreamed of becoming a novelist. She witnesses a scene that the young girl will misinterpret between her older sister Cécilia and Robbie son of a servant. The young girl’s fertile imagination will cause drama and forever change their destiny.

McEwan installs a dramaturgy which is reinforced to reach a power and a remarkable epic breath.

Split into three parts, McEwan delivers a novel of great strength, the writing gives all the complexity of the characters locked in a destructive logic. The first part can suggest that we are in a somewhat old-fashioned British atmosphere, in a slow tone but McEwan succeeds in its effect as a little anxiety is gradually installed.

The second and third parts are in my opinion, the most successful as the dramatic intensity will crescendo. We keep in us for a long time, the love sacrificed between Cécilia and Robbie, while Briony has to fight with these demons.

A great, normal novel McEwan is a great writer.
Joe Wright has also signed a very nice film adaptation “Reviens-moi” with Keira Keightley and James McAvoy.

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